Oxbow Meadows Environmental Learning Center

Donations and Sponsorships

Donate to Oxbow Meadows


As a nonprofit organization, Oxbow Meadows relies on donations from individuals, corporations and foundations to continue to serve the Chattahoochee Valley. As an individual you can become a Friend of Oxbow and support the center in its activities to educate and entertain families and individuals. Select one of the following donor levels through a gift to our general operating fund or in memory, or honor, of someone special. You may also make a planned gift to the center.

Gift Levels are:

  • Catfish: $100
  • Tortoise: $250
  • Rattlesnake: $500
  • Kingsnake: $1,000
  • Gopher Tortoise: $2,500
  • Alligator: $5,000

Exhibit Sponsorships:

As a provider of educational curriculum to students in the community, the center has a number of valuable resources that require constant upkeep and care. From our live animal exhibits to our trails, we have multiple exhibits throughout the building and grounds available for sponsorship. This support is crucial to our ability to provide high quality environmental education and stewardship to citizens and students in our community.

The Ethan Parmer Memorial Fund