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Creative Critter Day

Child hand reaching for chalk
Saturday September 18th, 2021
11am to 3pm | Free Admission

No tickets required!

Get artsy with all things nature! Participate in our animal enrichment program, meet our Sulcata Tortoises, take an art hike, get crafty and more at Creative Critter Day 2021.

Activities Include: Chalk Art, Crafts, Artsy Nature Hikes, Picnic With The Tortoises, and more! 

Animal Art Workshop

12pm (Sold Out) & 2pm | $30 per participant
Pre Registration Required

This exclusive experience allows you to participate in Oxbow's Animal Art Enrichment Program. Join our trained Environmental Educators for a meet a greet with our animal ambassadors. Then participate in an enrichment animal painting session where our animal ambassador's will crawl, slither and slide to create a one of a kind artwork that for you to take home. All proceeds of this workshop go directly to the care of our animal ambassadors.

Adults supervising a minor are not required to purchase a ticket if they are not participating.
A parent or guardian is required to stay with a minor at all times.


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Snake with Paint


The animal care staff at Oxbow Meadows Environmental Learning Center work to enrich the lives of the animals in their care every day.

Why let the Animals Paint?
They add interesting and complex activities to the animals’ daily routine. Enrichment activities are fun for both animals and keepers.

All paints are non-toxic, and therefore safe for the animals. The animal care staff at Oxbow Meadows offer paints and canvas to some of our reptiles, resulting in beautiful works of art. Every original painting is very different from the next and the art is “by,” not “about,” the animals.

Proceeds from the sale of animal artwork and donations go directly back to caring for our animals. Snakes, turtles and lizards make unique artistic patterns as they slither or crawl through non-toxic paints and across the canvases.

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