Update: For the 2020-2021 Academic year we are no able to offer our Discovery Box rentals, due to Covid restrictions. 


Enhance your classroom curriculum with Oxbow Meadows’s Discovery Box!  Our Discovery Boxes provide teachers with additional resources for the classroom.  The boxes can be used with the whole classroom or can be used in stations.  We encourage teachers to share materials with other teachers so that all students can have the opportunity to learn with Oxbow Meadows’s Discovery Boxes.

The Discovery Boxes are currently available at the introductory rate of $25 for a two week period.  If you are a Columbus State University current student or alum you are able to rent the Discovery Box free of charge.  For more information on how to rent the Discovery Box and  to learn about the rental guidelines, please download the following forms:

Discovery Box Request Form (PDF)

Butterfly Box Younger Edit


(Grades K-4th)

Butterfly K_4th Discovery Box Inventory (PDF)

Students will have access to view and learn from a variety of mounted butterflies (26 butterflies are provided). Teachers will be provided with the curriculum guide “Butterflies Abound! A Whole Language Resource Guide for K-4” by Seddon Keaty and Irene Fountas, and “Discover Butterflies!” by Callaway Gardens. In addition, the Discovery Box will include the following children’s books: “Young Naturalist’s Pop-up Handbook: Butterflies” by Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart, “Butterfly” by Susan Canizares, “My, Oh My – a Butterfly” by Tish Rabe, and “Butterfly Birthday” by Harriet Ziefert.  In addition, this Discovery Box contains 10 hand-lens for student use.

Butterfly Box Older Edit


(Grades 3rd and up)

Butterfly 3rd_and_up Discovery Box Inventory (PDF)

In this Discovery Box, teachers are provided with the curriculum units, “Monarchs in the Classroom for Grades 3-6” by Monarchs in the Classroom, “Monarchs in the Classroom for Middle School” by Monarchs in the Classroom, and “The Family Butterfly Book and Field Guide” by Rick Mikula. The following field guides are also provided: “Peterson First Guides: Butterflies and Moths” (2 copies) and “Peterson First Guides: Caterpillars” (1 copy). In addition this Discovery Box contains 26 mounted butterflies and 10 hand-lens.

Fun with Nature Edit

Fun with Nature

(Grades K and up)

Fun With Nature Discovery Box Inventory (PDF)

Curriculum found in this discovery box is “Buzzing a Hive” by University of California and “Hands on Nature: Information and Activities for Exploring the Environment with Children” by Jenepher Lingelbach. Children’s books included are: “What Bit Me?” by D. M. Souza, “Creepy Crawlies” by Cathy Kilpatrick, “On Beyond Bugs!” by Tish Rabe, “Young Naturalist’s Pop-up Handbook: Beetles” by Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart, and “Fun with Nature” by Northword Press. Also included are 7 insect mounts, 10 hand-lens, 20 collection boxes, and a class set of Bug-go activity.

Trees Edit


(Grades K and up)

Tree Discovery Box Inventory (PDF)

Curriculum books included are “Learn About Forests” by Eagle Eye Institute, “Trees are Terrific!” by National Wildlife Federation, “Ecology for All Ages” by Jorie Hunken, “Petersons Field Guide Coloring Books: Forests” by John Kricher and Sara Bennett, “Trees, Leaves, and Bark” by Diane Burns, and “The Life Cycle of a Tree” by Bobbie Kalman. Complete hands-on activity sets include the “What Leaf Is It?”, “Nature Watch: Arbor Day Activity Set”. Included field guides are “Native Trees of Georgia” (10 copies), “Peterson First Guides: Trees” (1 copy), and “Tree Fandex” (4 copies). Other materials include 20 hand-lens, 14 tree ring samples, templates (3 of each) for 8 different leaf rubbings, and Tree-mendous Tree card game.