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Distance Learning Programs

Interactive Distance Learning

Program Information

We are not currently booking vitual field trips.  If you are interested in a virtual field trip, please email the contact below and we will work on scheduling a program that fits your group's needs.  Thank you!

Dr. Lauren Johnson at

Program Fees

All 30-minute virtual field trips at $50 a session.  

Sessions are all conducted in EST during the hours of 10am-2pm EST.

What's Included?

  • 30 minute interactive distance program
  • Time for students Q&A
  • Most programs include at least one live animal encounter.
  • The number of animals will depend on the program.
  • Other programs include observational science demonstrations.
  • Technical virtual field trip set up, if needed
  • Correlation to standards

Interactive Distance Program Descriptions

clouds in the sky

Eco Avengers

An animal’s natural environment is very important for survival. Pollution dramatically change Animal well being, and prevent the acquisition of the basic needs (food, water, shelter, space).

PreK-1st | 30 minutes | $50 per program

a spider in a web

Nature Observations

The world around us is filled with mystery and wonder. Scientists can unlock the world’s secrets by making observations and asking questions. Students will learn how to ask questions and make observations of the world around them.

PreK-1st | 30 minutes | $50 per program

a green frog

Hop to It: Amphibian Adaptations

This lesson will demonstrate how unique amphibians are. It will focus on what is an amphibian, and showcase amphibian adaptations.

K-5th | 30 minutes | $50 per program

a blue herron

Wonders of the Wetland

In this program students will discuss a wetland ecosystem including the habitat, animal adaptations, and the roles that a wetland performs.

3rd-12th | 30 minutes | $50 per program

green spheres

Dipping into Density

Some things are more buoyant than others, even if the item is bigger than rest or smaller than rest see the different density of each of the items. Students will observe what sinks and floats.

PreK-1st | 30 minutes | $50 per program

an iceberg in the water

Climate Change and Animal Adaptations

In this program, students will discuss the impacts of climate change on reptiles and amphibians, with the use of live animals.

6th-12th | 30 minutes | $50 per program

a view of the Earth from space

Exploring Sustainability

In this program, students will participate in an interactive discussion on what is sustainability.

9th-12th | 30 minutes | $50 per program

a deer in the woods

Flow of Energy

Students will discuss different ways energy flows in an ecosystem with the use of live animals.

4th-12th | 30 minutes | $50 per program

an alligator in the water

Keeping Cool: Reptiles and Temperature

In this program, students will investigate how reptiles adapt to temperature changes.

3rd-7th | 30 minutes | $50 per program

downtown Columbus from across the river

Water Pollution for All

In this program, students will learn about different types of water pollution with the use of a model. Point-source and non point-source water pollution will be discussed.

PreK-12th | 30 minutes | $50 per program

a water droplet bouncing up

Whether the Weather

Whether it is sunny or rainy, hot or cold, we can learn about the patterns of weather around us. Get blown away as we discover seasonal change and different types of precipitation while exploring with weather measurement tools.

PreK-1st | 30 minutes | $50 per program

two acorns

Some "Gourd" Pumpkin Fun

Have a pumpkin party with us and our animals with this fun, seasonal themed lesson. We will practice our math skills and have “gourd” fun giving an tortoises a tasty treat! Please note this program is only offered in September to November.

K-5th | 30 minutes | $50 per program

a nature illustration

Natural Illustrations

Learn the basics of scientific inquiry with scientific illustrations. Students will make observations and inferences with plant and animal species. Students will need a pencil and paper for this interactive program.

2nd-12th | 30 minutes | $50 per program

several butterfly cocoons

Life Cycles Exploration

Explore the life cycles of some of Oxbow’s animals. Students will discuss the differences in life cycles of amphibians and reptiles.

2nd-5th | 30 minutes | $50 per program