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Meet Our Staff

Dr. Michael Dentzau

Dr. Michael Dentzau, Ph.D. 
Executive Director & Associate Professor 

Dr. Dentzau earned his bachelor’s degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University, his masters from Texas A&M University, and his doctorate from Florida State University. He has been at Florida State University since 2010. Prior to that, Dr. Dentzau was president of an environmental services company where he was responsible for all aspects of company development and project management. Among those responsibilities were wetland and upland evaluations, environment site assessments, endangered species reviews, habitat enhancement and restoration, and regulatory guidance. Dr. Dentzau’s background in environmental services dates back to 1993 when he worked as an environmental manager/specialist with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

Dr. Lauren C. Johnson

Dr. Lauren C. Johnson, Ed.D.
Assistant Director & Program Manager

Lauren Johnson joined the Oxbow Meadows team in 2012. Prior to joining Oxbow Meadows she worked for the Alabama 4-H Coosa River Science School, Merritt Island Rotary Park Nature Center, F. D. Roosevelt State Park, and Palm Bay Academy Charter Middle School. Lauren has also spent time as an AmeriCorps volunteer in California and a Peace Corps volunteer in Ukraine. She earned her Doctorate of Education in Curriculum at Columbus State University, Education Specialist degree in Science Education at Florida Institute of Technology, Master of Science in Environmental Education at Nova Southeastern University, and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at LaGrange College. In her spare time, Lauren enjoys hiking with her dogs Shiloh and Penney, crocheting, playing the piano, and exploring the outdoors.

Ashley Herbolich

Ashley Herbolich 
Environmental Educator & Public Programs Specialist

Ashley Herbolich is originally from Pittsburgh, PA but spent most of her adult years in Brooklyn, NY. Ashley has a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies from The New School in New York City. Prior to working at Oxbow, Ashley was a Pre-Kindergarten teacher through Bright from the Start for two years at a NAEYC accredited institution. Ashley was an Environmental Educator for the Wildlife Conservation Society for 5 years at the Prospect Park Zoo in New York City before moving overseas to New Zealand. She is excited to be working with both children and animals again! The mission of Oxbow Meadows aligns very closely with Ashley’s personal mission to strengthen or cultivate the connection that children (and adults) in urban areas feel towards wildlife and wild places through discovery and exploration.

Victoria Neundorfer

Victoria Neundorfer Hall
Environmental Educator & Media Specialist

Victoria was born and raised in Georgia. She graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts with a focus in graphic design in 2019 from Columbus State University and is a certified Master Herpetologist. She joined the Oxbow team in 2016 and loves leading field trips, hikes, and working with our animal ambassadors. When she isn’t working, Victoria enjoys exploring new places with her husband and dog!

 Man holding snake

Jacob Fetters-Bohrer
Animal Keeper

Jacob grew up in Ohio where he received a degree in biology from Wright State University in 2017. In 2019 he interned with the Denver Zoo at their Tropical Discovery department while working in the Office of Animal Resources at CU Boulder. As an intern at the Denver Zoo Jacob learned many of the skills he carries into his work at Oxbow Meadows. Jacob started in 2021 and hopes to spend many years caring for and educating the public about the amazing animals we have here.

Woman holding snake

Mary Cameron 
Guest Services Assistant

Kentucky born and Georgia living, Mary has been in Columbus for about 11 years now. She received her Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts at Columbus State University in December 2021. Focusing in photography, Mary has had a passion to photograph the world since she was about 10 years old.  When she isn’t running around with a camera, changing her hair color, or buying more plants... you can find her curled up with a book, chilling with friends, going on road trips or playing video games. Mary has a passion for animals and loves to learn as much as she can about them. Naturally, she has a “pet” moss ball named Mossmo. Before she decided to major in art, Mary wanted to be a teacher for most of her life. She still has a desire to teach, connect, and help others whenever she can.


Ciara Rowe
Environmental Educator

Born and raised in Columbus and Phenix City, Ciara always showed a fascination with reptiles and other "weird" animals since she was little. Instead of being read bedtime stories, she was read animal encyclopedias as a child before bed. She obtained her BA in Biology with an Environmental Science minor from CSU in December 2022, eventually hoping to enter the field of herpetology conservation. In their free time, Ciara also enjoys baking, playing video games with friends, taking care of her own reptiles, or exploring nature.


Matt Thompson
Conservation Technician

Matt is a recent graduate of Columbus State University, where he earned his Bachelors degree in Biology. A former barista, coffee roaster, and carpenter, Matt is now focused on creating and enacting sustainability projects for Oxbow Meadows. After graduation he hopes to continue doing conservation work and promote sustainable environmental practices. When he is not in school, you can usually find him in his garden, the gym, or playing games with his wife, Kamie, and dog, Ox.

woman standing

Marissa Patton
Environmental Educator

Marissa Patton grew up in Atlanta. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Studies from Brown University and a Master's degree in Science Education from the University of Georgia. Marissa previously worked as an outdoor educator in northern Alabama, then spent six years teaching 8th grade physical science outside of Athens, GA. She is an avid birdwatcher and loves to share the experience of Oxbow's diverse habitats and bird species with visitors. In her free time, Marissa enjoys bicycling, reading, and watching football and basketball.

CSU Student Employees


Taylor Battles
Student Assistant

Taylor Battles moved to Columbus to attend Columbus State University. She is pursuing a Bachelors in Fine Arts. She plans to focus on animation. She started working at Oxbow in 2021 and now leads birthday parties and other public programs on the weekend at Oxbow. She enjoys working with animals and children here. When she’s not at school or work Taylor is drawing, painting, or playing instruments. 

picture of man standing

Marc Ortiz
Student Assistant

Hi! My name is Marc Ortiz I’m from Los Angeles, California. This is my last semester at CSU, I’m getting my degree in biology and environmental science. I have a passion for performing arts and fashion. One of my dream jobs is to be a scuba driver at an aquarium. My favorite sea animal is a moon jellyfish.


Remmy Polk
Student Assistant

Hello, my name is Remington Polk. I was born in Augusta, GA but have lived in Columbus, GA for the majority of my life. I have been volunteering here since middle school, and now I have the amazing privilege to work at Oxbow Meadows! I am currently working on my Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Columbus State University. My activities in my free time are watching movies and playing video games.


Christian Contreras-Esquen
Student Assistant

Christian is a Senior at Columbus State University studying biology and joined the Oxbow staff in 2021. He has always had a love for the outdoors and wildlife since he was a kid. His interests are the field of ornithology especially birds of prey. During his time in high school, Christian worked in falconry as an apprentice and still hopes to become a falconer himself in the near future after graduation. He would like to work in wildlife conservation and research. His other interests include rock climbing, birding, and any other outdoor activity.

person standing next to tortosie

Collin Miller
Student Assistant

Collin is a sophomore in the Columbus State University Honors College pursuing a BS in Biology as the next step to achieve their dream of practicing exotic veterinary medicine. Though they've aspired to become a vet since childhood, Collin's love for exotic animals blossomed during their 2022 internship at Oxbow Meadows before they joined the staff in 2023. They enjoy each and every day at Oxbow, and other interests include hockey, hiking, and spending quality time with loved ones.

woman standing

Gabriela Greene
Graduate Student Intern

Gabriela is a graduate student at Columbus State University getting her Master’s degree in Natural History. She earned her BS in biology at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College in 2022. Exploring plants, Gabriela is learning the wonders of nature and how they can improve health. Her goal is to work in the field of herbal medicine and/or research. In her free time, she enjoys the sun and nature.