At Home in Nature

Homeschool at Oxbow Meadows

Fall 2019

Come learn about wildlife and nature as we learn through exploring, observing, and investigating the world around us!

Download Flyer: At Home in Nature Fall 2019

Program Details

$7 per child

(parent/teacher free)

Ages 7-10

Fall 2019 Dates:

  • September 3 & 17
  • October 1, 15, & 29
  • November 12


Registration Information

Pre-registration is required, payment due at time of registration.  Parents must stay with children during duration of program and do not pay.

Please call 706-507-8559 to sign up.

Registration ends Saturday before each program date.

Homeschool Class Descriptions

Homeschool Itinerary:

9/3: Wet & Wild (Water)

  • Learn about the different places we find water on our planet, take a guided hike to an aquatic habitat along the Wetland Trail, explore pond creatures by sampling the Turtle Pond using dip nets, and discuss how the Chattahoochee River has changed since the early settlers arrived.

9/17: STEM Lab and Show

  • Use science, technology, engineering, and math to solve an environmental dilemma: how to clean an oil spill. We will also meet a variety of terrestrial and aquatic animal ambassadors and discuss which animals are able to tolerate high, moderate, and low levels of pollution.

10/1: Maps and Telemetry

  • We will discuss orienteering and tool use during this session. We will use a map and its legend to find letters hidden around the center to solve a riddle. We will also explore how scientists are able to find an animal they are studying in the wild using telemetry.

10/15: Things Left Behind (Tracks, Scat, and Chews)

  • Explore a variety of signs left behind by wildlife, from footprints, poop, and leftover food. Students will take home a track book, play a fun board game identifying what animals left certain tracks, and go on an adventure to look for tracks and other signs of wildlife along the Discovery trail.

10/29: Creature Features

  • Students will use observation and deductive reasoning skills in a lab exploring (replica) animal skulls. Students will use their senses to make observations and then past knowledge and reasoning skills to make inferences, and lastly conclusions for their specimen. We will also play an adaptations game and investigate animal x-rays to guess what skeleton belongs to which animal.

11/12: Forest Ecology

  • Explore trees, plants, and flowers through investigating tree rings, making a leaf rubbing or flower bookmark craft, and determining what products are sourced from trees.