At Home in Nature

Homeschool at Oxbow Meadows

Spring 2020

Come learn about wildlife and nature as we learn through exploring, observing, and investigating the world around us!

Program Details

$7 per child*

(parent/teacher free)

Ages 6-10

*additional $3 lab fee for class on March 16

Spring 2020 Dates:

  • February 10th and 17th
  • March 2, 9, 16, and 23


Registration Information

Pre-registration is required, payment due at time of registration.  Parents must stay with children during duration of program and do not pay.

Please call 706-507-8559 to sign up.

Registration ends Saturday before each program date.

Pricing Special:

For At Home in Nature:

Register for the Spring 2020 session in full and receive a 15% discount.  Total is $38, and a savings of $7.

Homeschool Class Descriptions

Bird Behavior: Beaks, Feet, and Migration (2/10/2020)

Students will discuss bird adaptations with this ornithology class. We will observe how various beak and feet types and shapes are adapted for specific habitats and/or behaviors. We will play a game about the challenges birds may face migrating from one part of their range to another. We will make bird feeders (nut free) and go on a hike with tools to identify and count bird species for a nationwide citizen science project through eBird.


Wet & Wild Weather (2/17/2020)

Students will discuss the difference between weather and climate. We will examine a few different types of weather with hands-on activities, including a “Will it Blow” experiment to introduce how tornadoes form, explore fake snow and create winter habitats, and examine cloud types and make a Cloud Viewing craft to take home.


STEAM Show & Chemical Reactions  (3/2/2020)

Students will participate in a hands-on show with a variety of science experiments investigating concepts such as Bernoulli’s principle and water cohesion. We will also talk about controls and variables and the scientific process.


Bubbles, Slime, & Solubles  (3/9/2020)

We will explore different ways to make bubbles with an assortment of bubble wands before engineering our own geometric wand to take home. We will also make slime and watch how it reacts to different forces. Lastly we will observe if particular substances are soluble, and therefore dissolve in water.


Outrageous Owls (Dissection Lab additional $3 fee*)   (3/16/2020)

We will focus on the unique adaptations of one of our native raptor species. Students will use bird field guides in a game to identify different species by their markings and features. We will also use tools and learn about the food web in a dissection lab to see what an owl may have eaten for lunch*.


Field Study and Wren’s Pond Hike (3/23/2020)

We will take a guided one mile hike to Wren’s Pond to discuss ecology and participate in a field study.