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MCSD Summer Learning Experience


Oxbow is ready for some summer fun with Muscogee County School District!  Our summer programs are designed to engage students in interdisciplinary and hands-on activities.  And did we mention fun?  Because all our programs are perfect for summer time, where learning and summer collide!

2021 MCSD Summer Programs Brochure (PDF) (PDF)

MCSD Summer Program Online Request

MCSD Summer Calendar of Availability

What’s Included:

 During your summer program, your students will experience:

  •  Hands-on experiences
  • STEAM or Inquiry Labs
  • Live animals on select programs
  • Post-program materials 

Please note, these programs are designed for Muscogee County School District Summer School.  If you are not with MCSD and are interested in a program please visit visit our Summer Programs page or contact Dr. Lauren Johnson at

Program Costs:

All programs cost:

  •  $150 per session

 Payment is due the day of the program.  Oxbow will provide a link to pay online.

Group Size:

Programs are made one class or 30 students. Multi-grade programs can be schedule as long as groups are within the group size..

Program Location:

Programs can be held inside or outside.  The location preference is listed on the program description.  In the event of bad weather, we can have the program inside with modifications.



Inquiry Lab: Trees as Habitats

Describe ways animals and plants survive. Identify relationships between organisms

 PreK-K | Location: Inside or Outside


Inquiry Lab: Zookeeper Math

In this field trip, students will learn about the needs of animals and practice some math skills.

Grades: Prek-K | Location: Inside or outside 


Inquiry Lab: How Big is Your Tree?

In this activity, students will use simple tools to measure a tree.  Students will also learn about the inside of a tree.

Grades: K-2nd | Location: Inside or outside 


Inquiry Lab: Busy Bees, Busy Blooms

In this lab, students will model the process of pollination between bees and flowers.

Grades: K-2nd | Location: Outside preferred 


STEAM Lab: Recycling Factory

In the STEAM Lab, students will engineer a tool to sort recyclables.

Grades: K-2nd | Location: Inside 


Inquiry Lab: Migration Headache

In this activity, students will participate in an activity to learn about migration and environmental changes.

Grades: 3rd-5th | Location: Outside preferred


Inquiry Lab: Bat Bio-Blitz

In this lab, students will model how bats feed and calculate their role in the ecosystem.

Grades: 3rd-5th | Location: Outside preferred 


Inquiry Lab: The Incredible Water Cycle

Students will experience the various stages of the water cycle and will be able to write a story to describe their unique journey.

Grades: 3rd-5th | Location: Inside or outside 


Inquiry Lab: Classification

In this activity, students will create a Venn diagram to explain the differences and similarities of reptiles and amphibians.

Grades: 3rd-5th | Location: Inside 


STEAM Lab: Engineering Prosthetics

How do you help injured wildlife?  Discover the different ways to help wildlife and design a prosthetic device. 

Grades: 3rd-12th | Location: Inside  


Inquiry Lab: 400 Acre Wood

In this lab, students will analyze and calculate the value of forest management techniques.

Grades: 6th-12th Location: Inside


STEAM Lab: Plants and Bioplastics

In this STEAM lab, students will engineer a bioplastic from a plant.  Please note, this activity will require clean up after each session.

Grades: 6th-8th Location: Inside 


Inquiry Lab: Climate Change

In this lab, students will learn about climate change and participate in model of long team impacts.

Grades: 9th-12th | Location: Inside


Radical Reptiles

In this activity, students will learn about reptiles and amphibians, both native and non-native.

Grades: All grades | Location: Inside 


STEMsational Science

In this activity, students will observe several science demonstrations.

Grades: All grades | Location: Inside 


Science is Phenomenal

In this activity, students will observe 1-2 science demonstrations and will participate in one hands-one science phenomenon activity:

  • Diaper Investigation
  • Egg Drop
  • Static Electricity

Grades: All grades | Location: Inside