Amazing Amphibians


An amphibian is a type of animal that share the following characteristics: go through metamorphosis, are cold blooded, and have slimy skin.  Yuck!  Frogs, toads, salamanders and newts are all examples of amphibians.  These activities will help our Jr. Nature Explores have a better understanding of amphibians



  • SKL2: Students will compare the similarities and differences in groups of organisms.

What is an Amphibian?



Amphibians go through a change to become a full-grown adult.

Do you see how the baby tadpoles look different from adult frogs?

What are some of the differences?

Slimy Skin

Slimy Skin:

Amphibians have slimy skin.

This keeps their skin moist, and help them breath through their skin.



This means their bodies don’t automatically regulate their temperature.

They must cool off and warm up by using their surroundings.

Amphibian Roll Call!

Guess that Amphibian

Can you guess which animal in the pictures is an amphibian?

Type of Animal:

  1. American Bullfrog
  2. Five-Lined Racer Skink
  3. Marled salamander
  4. American Alligator
  5. Soft shelled turtle
  6. Leopard frog

More about Metamorphosis


Amphibians go through a change to become a full-grown adult. This is called Metamorphosis They go from a jelly like egg, to a fish like stage with gills (tadpoles and mudpuppies), to a land stage, where they can live on both land and water.


  1.  Color the amphibian
  2. Cut out the amphibian
  3. Cut out poem
  4. Attach poem to underside of frog
  5. Fold along dotted lines and perform your Poem!


I’m a squishy little egg, jelly and round.

One day I hatched, and gained a tail to swim around.

I kept on eating and which made me grow;

now I got two back legs and wiggly toes.

I’m very cute and got a lot of charm

Oh, look I just gained a new pair of arms.

Now I love to swim, dive and flail;

OH NO! I lost my green tail.

I’m ok look and see

 I’m a jumping frog happy as can be…

Croak, Ribbet, and Squeal

Frog use their voice to call out to their friends of the same species.

They may call out to say hello, to say leave me alone, or to say get out of here!

Listen to the frog calls native to Georgia!

Can you copy the sounds you hear?

I Wanna be a Frog!

Now that you learned all about amphibian lets dress up like one!

Here is a fun craft you can do at home!


  1. Color the amphibian
  2. Cut out the amphibian face
  3. Cut out a paper band to wrap around head
  4. Attach frog head to paper band
  5. Wear your new hat!

That's All Folks!

Good news you made it to the end bad news it is over!

But because you worked so hard you deserve Hop Break!

Hop, move and dance with the music below!